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Become a Reiki Healer

Bring the healing HOME

If you have received the benefits of Reiki or thought you would like to become a healer yourself, this is the training for you! 

Within a week-end I will help you uncover the gifts already within you and how to tap into the Reiki energy we ALL are born with.  You can choose to become a self healer (Level 1), work with others (Level 2) or become a Master Teacher yourself (Level 3).  You MUST, however, complete the previous level before moving on to the next.

I am trained in Usui (traditional) method, Levels 1/2 and Holy Fire (R) Reiki ~ Master Teacher.  I also have a unique background in yoga training and as a classroom teacher which blend to bring a unique and dynamic training for a personalized experience.

Click the link below to fill out your application today  <3